Organic Farming

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Over they years, Archware Farms has maintained the production of quality food products without the use of harmful chemicals. We sternly practice organic farming because it promotes and intensifies the biological activities of the soil and its environment, thereby aiding growth and nurturing our plants.

In Archware Farms, we prioritize the incorporation of organic matter to build and preserve our soil, inorder to ensure the ground is increasingly fertile. These organic matter are then applied through compost, manure and animal by-products which provides a diverse range of nutrients for plants and allows micro-organisms to thrive due to the energy source derived from carbon

corn plant
Fresh grass

The system of farming requires ecological based pest control methods and biological fertilizers from waste products, which controls pests, minimizes nitrate leaching into surface water and groundwater, fertilizes the soil to reduce erosion, and recycles animal waste back into the soil.

We control pests with the aid of pesticides derived from naturally occurring sources like micro-organisms and plant derivatives from dried flower heads. This method of control helps reduce pest damage by integrating biological, genetic and cultural control.